Holland Lop Rabbits

Being a veterinarian, I am fascinated by the complexity of the genetics involved in producing a certain coat color of a rabbit. I truly enjoy trying to figure out what colors I may produce in my litters.

All of my rabbits were shown at the Kentucky State Fair and I bought them after the shows.

In my lifetime, I have had many rabbits of all colors and sizes as pets.

Holland Lop bunnies which are the smallest of the lops. They weigh about four (4) pounds full grown. They are a very sweet, calm breed of rabbits and good for children. My mom plays with hers everyday.

- Dr. LaNita Flanary


Michelles Snowecreme Blue

  • Holland Lop - Lotso Bunnies Rabbitry
  • DOB 03/19/2013
  • Sire - Little Jon BKN Black VC
  • Dam - LB's Eskimo Blue Eyed White
  • Color - Blue Eyed White


  • Holland Lop - Cedar Springs Rabbitry
  • DOB 10/15/2014
  • Sire - Cedar Spring's Harris
  • Dam - Grays Anabelle
  • Color - Blue Eyed White


  • Holland Lop - Cedar Springs Rabbitry
  • DOB 02/04/2017
  • Sire - Cedar Spring's Charlie Tim
  • Dam - Cedar Spring's Liza
  • Color - Broken Tortoise-VC


  • Holland Lop
  • Flanary's Keepsake Farm Rabbitry
  • DOB 03/13/2015
  • Sire - RBTT's T376
  • Dam - Losto Bunnies Rabbitry Michell Snowcreme Blue