Jersey Cows: Miniatures, Mids and Standards

Jersey's are my favorite breed of cows! No other breed of cattle is so majestic and dramatic with their beautiful brown eyes and the huge variety of different colors! Jersey's can be very light, almost white, through multiple shades of cream, tan, and browns to almost black! There are never two Jerseys the same. All are very docile and seem to enjoy interaction with people.

'Jerseys are my favorite breed of cows!'

When I was 12 years old, I bought a three day old Jersey heifer calf with money I had saved and raised her on a bottle. I named her "Precious" and as she lived the next 23 years of her life she definitely lived up to her name! She listened to me everyday - as I fed her. She heard my dreams, secrets and I even practiced my FFA and 4-H speeches to her! She was my friend. My love for her started my love for Jerseys which continues to grow today to the miniatures. Today I am bonded with many of my cows, such as Habi. She was raised by me and loves apples!

Today there is a lot of cofusion over size of cattle and what is considered a miniature.

Here is how I explain it as from the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR):

Cows less than 42 inches are full miniature Jerseys.

Cows 42-48 inches are midsize miniature Jerseys.

Cows greater than 48 inches are standard Jerseys.

These measurments are taken at level ground to the Hook Bone.

I currently own full miniatures, mid-size miniatures, and a few standard Jerseys. Of course full miniature Jerseys with papers are worth more. Many people prefer the mid size miniatures. I also have a few Lowline (Miniature Angus) crossed with miniature Jersey.

Being a veterinarian, I am able to blood test my herd for Brucella and Johne's disease. I have a disease free herd status. I vaccinate yearly and deworm twice yearly. All calves sold will be vaccinated and dewormed as well. I typically wean at around 8 weeks of age.

At Flanary's Keepsake Farm we know the importance of A2 testing. We even have a few cows that are A2/A2. However, we believe that having cows that are healthy is more important. Fresh raw A2 milk is certainly good, but having fresh, raw milk from a healthy cow we believe is far better.