Meet Dr. Flanary

My name is LaNita Flanary and I am an animal lover and a veterinarian. I believe from the moment I was born I was an animal lover and destined to be a vet. In fact, my mother even named me after a dog she once had and adored! Isn't that appropriate?

I grew up on a small family farm and have had a menagerie of animals - cows, sheep, hamsters, pigs, dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits, geese, squirrels, raccoons, mice, and even skunks!! These animals were not just animals or even pets they were my friends. I spent hours and hours every day with my animals. I played chase with my pig in the yard, combed my rabbits fur, and I took baths with ducks. I rocked the cats in my arms and I took many a long nap with my animals curled up beside me.

The older I got, the more I became more fascinated with the care of animals. My mom used to bundle me up on cold nights and carry me to the barn to check on expecting animals because I wanted to be there, experiencing the birth and help if she would let me. Any runts or babies that needed care were always brought in the house and I could remember how exciting those times were for me! I was never afraid of animals, I always respected them and I still do but being afraid was never an issue. When I started first grade, I told the teacher the very first day that I was going to be an animal doctor (couldn't quite spell veterinarian yet). My teacher is now a client of mine and reminds me quite often of that day.

As I got older, I got more animals and took on more responsibilities of caring for them. Feeding and cleaning the barn daily was not a chore, it was pure enjoyment for me. I read every book I could on animal care and strived to give my pets the best health care and training I could. My animals were my show and tells, my short stories, my 4-H and FFA projects, the topic of my speeches, my pet parades and my best friends - believe me I have told them all of my dreams and secrets and they never told a soul! I actually remember rehearsing my High School Valedictorian Speech to my cow, Precious!

I remember one of the hardest parts of being away at Vet school was missing my animals. Upon vet school graduation, I returned to my hometown and soon after opened Flanary Veterinary Clinic. Not long after that, I bought a farm.

It is a dream come true to be able to have a career that I enjoy so much. Working with animals, mine or my client's, is not a job for me, it's my life. A life I truly love. Now I truly am able to provide the best care possible for my animals. That's why my cows and goats are blood tested annually and I own a disease free herd. All my animals are vaccinated properly, and are dewormed on a regular schedule. Every animal has a name because even as an adult my animals are still my best friends. They provide me so much stress relief and make my heart smile on even the most hectic days!

Some people might think I am crazy but I am thankful to my animals for teaching me so much about love, dedication, hard work and life in general. They helped me to become the person I am today and accomplish my dream and I am glad I can help them and everyone else's animals in return. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the farm is named Keepsake Farms because all my animals are treasured keepsakes of my heart!

- Dr. LaNita Flanary