Miniature Zebus Cows

One day I went to an exotic animal sale in Missouri with my Mom. While I went to the bathroom, she bought two 5 day old Zebu heifers on my number. I was shocked when i came back in the auction house but I quickly fell in love with my new girls, Daffy and Dandy. They were different than any other calves I had ever raised and I have raised a lot. Zebus become very bonded to their owners.

They are more like dogs than cows!!

Later, I found Sunnyfield Farms on the internet and fell in love with the many beautiful zebus they have in different colors. I decided I wanted a red and white paint zebu heifer.

After 3 years of waiting, I got my baby and named her Sparkle. I can not begin to explain how much of a bond I have with her. She comes when I call. She follows me everywhere and lets me do anything with her.

She makes me smile everyday!!!!

I decided I wanted a black and white paint heifer so after waiting, I got Diamond. She also is my lil love bug. I had always said that all I wanted was those two special ones but after a visit to Sunnyfield Farms I had to have more!! Hence, Ruby and Onyx came to live with me. These are the most loving sweet lil cows I have ever owned. They are amazing!!!